If you ask us why our coffees are better, we can only imagine you have not tasted them.

It starts with the espresso bean and we only use 100% pure coffee. We test the beans for their espresso potential after doing a JogaJoga® of the farm to make sure they do things the JogaJoga® Brasilian way.

Then we JogaJoga® around with the fineness of the grind. This is very important. Too fine and you over extract, too course and disaster. To make the best espresso with a carnival of flavours, purified water needs to JogaJoga® through the coffee for 25 seconds… give or take.

The coffee connoisseur will tell you that espresso must be dark, heavy-bodied, aromatic, intense and crowned with a reddish-brown foam layer called crema. Of course they are right. We say that it must also taste bitter-sweet. Good to the palette without milk, sugar or other additives. Drink it naked. Its got to JogaJoga® all your Brasil senses.

A superior range of regular, decaf and organic espresso coffees that never compromises on quality.